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Backing up with Backup Wizard

  1. Connect to the Oracle Enterprise Manager console by using sysman as the Administrator, oem_temp as the Password, and localhost as the Management Server. Approve the entries by clicking OK.
  2. Next, you would double-click Databases, and right-click the pets database. We have done that for you here. This displays the option for Backup Management. Click Backup to engage the Backup wizard.
  3. The Introduction panel is displayed. To define a backup strategy, click Next.
  4. Change the strategy selection from Predefined to Customize backup strategy.
  5. Because we want to back up the entire database, we do not need to change our selection. Click Next.
  6. Once again, because we want to include all archived logs, the choice selected only needs to be approved. Click Next to select the backup options.
  7. Full Backup is selected, which is the selection we want. Click the Next button to select the backup configuration.
  8. Confirm that daily_backup is the selected configuration, and click Next to select the backup schedule.
  9. The Schedule allows you to choose when to run the job. Immediately is selected here, which is how we want it set. Click Next.
  10. This panel allows you specify when you want to submit the job. Our choice is to submit the job now and add it to the job library. Now click the Finish button to view a summary of the job.
  11. The Wizard has returned a summary of the backup. To issue a backup job to OEM, click the OK button.
  12. This displays the backup job that is now being issued to OEM. This is the end of the simulation. Click Exit.