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Updating within a varray Example

Syntax to update varray
Update <table name>
SET <varray_name>=<variable>
WHERE <clause>;
Execute Update Var array

Location 1 The UPDATE statement with the table name
Location 2 The SET clause to update the value within a varray
Location 3 The WHERE clause to select a particular row of the object table

PL/SQL History

With version 7, Oracle finally introduced the PL/SQL Record and PL/SQL Table. With records, the contents of a programmer-defined structure or table row could be loaded into a variable that could be manipulated and used as a parameter to PL/SQL routines2. With PL/SQL Tables, lists of scalar values, and even lists of records, could be created and manipulated without the overhead of doing everything with tables and SQL statements. This greatly simplified programming in PL/SQL and enabled robust PL/SQL routines.
Oracle programmers continued to run into limitations in their quest to simplify and speed up their routines.
The significant limitations and when they were finally resolved are:

Past Oracle Limitations re: Collections and Records
Past Oracle Limitations re: Collections and Records