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Five Data Dictionary views

This page shows the elements of five data dictionary views .
The correct matches are:
  1. ALL_CATALOG, What tables can I access that were created by other Oracle users?
  2. DBA_ROLES, How many roles were created in the entire database?
  3. USER_ROLE_PRIVS, What roles do I have assigned to me?
  4. USER_TAB_COL_STATISTICS, In my DAILY_SALES table, what is the average value in the column called TOTAL_SALES?
  5. USER_TAB_PRIVS_MADE, Did I grant the SELECT privilege to the MANAGER role?

Dictionary Cache Concepts

Information stored in the data dictionary cache includes
  1. usernames,
  2. segment information,
  3. profile data,
  4. tablespace information, and
  5. sequence numbers.
The dictionary cache also stores descriptive information, or metadata, about schema objects. Oracle uses this metadata when parsing SQL cursors or during the compilation of PL/SQL programs