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Setting SQL*Plus Environment Options in a command line

You saw how to set the FLAGGER option using the command line in SQL*Plus. All of the SQL*Plus environment options can be set this way. You may find you need to use the SET command rather than the window menu for setting these options when:
  1. You are creating a script that must run in the background
  2. You are working in the command line version of SQL*Plus rather than the GUI version

Setting Environment Options

Here are some examples of commonly used environment options and how to set them on the command line.
Modify the number of characters per line to 132: SET LINESIZE 132
Set the number of lines per page of output. The default is 24: SET PAGESIZE 66
Specify zero to get no page breaks in your output: SET PAGESIZE 0
Tell SQL*Plus to display the command before executing it: SET ECHO ON
Suppress printing of a record count at the end of a query result: SET FEEDBACK OFF
Tell SQL*Plus to stop after each page of output until you press Enter: SET PAUSE ON
There are about fifty options that can be set. To view all the settings of your current SQL*Plus session, type this command at the SQL> prompt: SHOW ALL