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PL/SQL Parameter Syntax Modes

[(parameter_name {IN | OUT | IN OUT} datatype
  [{:= | DEFAULT} value ...) ]
    Procedure body

Location 1 Choose one of these three modes: IN, OUT, or IN OUT.
Location 2 Specify a datatype, such as NUMBER, VARCHAR2, DATE, and BOOLEAN. Do not place a length on the datatype.
Location 3 Optional default value can be coded: = 'value' or DEFAULT 'value'
Location 4 Any incoming parameter that has a default value can be omitted from the call. To use positional method, however, you must list parameters with default values last, so that values listed in the call are assigned to the first (non-default) parameters.
Location 5 Example of a procedure that has two parameters: one IN, and one OUT.
Location 6 Example of a PL/SQL block that calls the above procedure. Two local variables are declared first.