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DELETE Transact-SQL statement

table_name is the name of the table to delete data from caption

table_hint instructs SQL Server on which index to use if you want to choose a different index from that chosen by the query optimizer. The syntax for table_hint is shown below.

A view_name is the name of the view to delete data from

rowset_function is the OPENROWSET or OPENQUERY function, if used.

table_source is the name of the table(s), view(s), rowset function, or derived table

search_condition is one or more conditions that determine which rows are deleted with the statement. The search_condition can also be used to specify join information if it is not specified in the FROM clause.

cursor_name|cursor_variable is the name of a declared cursor or cursor variable

query_hint instructs the SQL Server optimizer to use specific options when processing the query as a whole. A query_hint follows this syntax