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DBCC CHECKALLOC ('database'): A subset of DBCC CHECKDB that checks the allocation of all pages in the database. The report is very detailed, listing the extent count (64KB or eight data pages) and data-page usage of every table and index in the database.
DBCC CHECKALLOC ('database_name'
 [, NOINDEX | 

  1. database name – The name of the database to check.
  2. NONINDEX – Causes dbcc checkalloc to skip checking non-clustered indexes.
  3. REPAIR_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS – Performs more complex repairs that can result in data being lost.
  4. REPAIR_FAST – Performs minor fast repairs that can be done without any data lost.
  5. REPAIR_REBUILD – Besides the minor repairs, it can perform more complex repairs that will not result in data loss.
  6. ALL_ERRORMSGS – Causes dbcc checkalloc will display all error messages.
  7. NO_INFOMSGS – Causes dbcc checkalloc display no informational messages. When using this option, you will only see messages if there are errors.