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Lesson 3 Monitoring database size with SQL-EM
Objective Monitor the size of a database with SQL-EM.

Monitoring Database Size using SQL-EM

SQL Server provides three levels of information about database size; 1) total size, 2) size of each object, and 3) size for each file. Depending on the detail you want, you can use one of the tabs on SQL-EM database screen.
To get to the screen you perform the following steps.
  1. Start SQL-EM
  2. Select the server group
  3. Select the server
  4. Select database
  5. Select the database you want to check

Next you select the tab you want to see

1) SQL-Server General Tab

Database General Tables and Indexes - Space Allocated
1) The General Tab
The General tab lists the total database size and the space available.
Space Allocated

2) Tables & Indexes Tab

2) Table and Indexes: For every table and index in the database the Table & Indexes tab will display the number of rows and number of kilobytes used.

3) Space Allocated Tab

General Tables and Indexes - Space Allocated
3) The database Space Allocated tab will display the size of each file and how much of the size is used.

The next lesson will cover how to monitor a database with dbcc.

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