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Combo Box and List Box Properties

MS Combo Properties

1)Name Name of the Combo Box or List Box control.
2)Control source Field in the underlying record source of the form to use.
3)Row source type Choices here are Table\Query, Value List, and Field List. It lets you specify how to populate the control.
4)Row source Can be a SQL statement, a table or query name, or a list separated by semicolons.
5)Column count Number of columns to use in the control from the row source.
6)Column heads Includes a row in the control that will act as column headings.
7)Column widths How wide do you want each column? A column width of zero doesn’t display anything, but the data is still available.
8)Bound column The column in the row source to be entered into the control source.
9)List rows Number of rows that will be displayed.
10)List width Width of the displayed list.
11)Limit to list Whether to require the data entered to be limited to the list.
12)Auto expand Will search the list and move you to the next entry that matches the characters currently entered. If you are using a large row source for the list, you may want to set this to No for better performance