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Tab Control and Multipage Forms

Be sure to use the Tab control and take advantage of multipage forms.
In the past, you had to create a massively long page and scroll down it, or create separate forms for various topics.
By taking advantage of the Tab control, you not only make life much more convenient for the user during data input, you make life easier for yourself when it comes time to maintain the design of the form.
The following list details features that are available only in Access 2010 using the ACCDB file format. (Note that although the fi le will open in Access 2007, the features will not necessarily be available.)
  1. Access Services: Allows developers to author and publish Web applications (requires SharePoint 2010).
  2. Data macros: Create macros that runs based on when something changes in a table.
  3. Image Gallery: A pool of images that can be shared and used by several bound image controls.
  4. Navigation control: A new control that essentially combines a subform and tab control into a single control.
  5. Web browser control: Instead of using ActiveX control, we now have a native control that provides a frame into a Web browser and thus allows us to open a page right on the form.
  6. Web style buttons: Provide more formatting and customization options.