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Working with the Option Group Wizard

  1. This is the first screen of the Option Group Wizard. You will be typing in the types of consultants that can be used, starting with "Full Time." Click in the text box and type Full Time in the first line of Label Names, then press Tab. For the purposes of this simulation, just click on the text box after you're finished typing to move forward.
  2. You are now in the second entry of Label Names. Type Part Time, then press Tab.
  3. You are now in the third entry of Label Names. Type Temporary, then press Tab.
  4. You are now in the fourth entry of Label Names. Type Contractor, then click Next >.
  5. This screen gives you the chance to use a default value. Click the option that says "No, I don't want a default."
  6. Click Next > to move to the next screen.
  7. This screen displays the values entered on the first screen of the wizard, along with some numeric values to assign to them. Because these are the correct numbers, click Next >.
  8. Now it’s time to specify the control source for the option group. By default, none is specified. Currently, ConsultantID is specified for the field to store the value in. We want to change this. Click the down arrow in the drop-down list to list other field choices.
  9. Now the other values are showing. Click ConsultingTypeID, which is last in the list.
  10. Now that ConsultingTypeID is displayed, click Next > to move to the next screen.
  11. This screen lets you pick which type of controls you want to use, as well as the style. Because we are using the defaults here, clickNext >.
  12. We are now on the last screen of the wizard. You will be able to specify the caption to use for the option group. Press Del to clear the current caption.
  13. Now type in Consulting Type for the caption of the new option group, then click Finish.
  14. Here is the finished option group, displayed on the form in Design mode.

Option Group and Option Button

The option group is a rectangular container that holds one or more option buttons. The form user can select just one of these option buttons at a time.