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Lesson 3 Relational Database Course Resources
Objective Components that make up the Course Resources

Relational Database Course Resources

This course offers a number of resources that will help you understand key concepts such as
  1. Relational Database Management Systems,
  2. primary key,
  3. secondary key,
  4. normalization, and
  5. third normal form.
Additional resources related to relational database design can be found, such as links to helpful Web sites as you now begin to tour this site.


Throughout this course, definitions of key terms can be reviewed.
These terms are defined in the Relational Database Design Glossary .
The terms appear as italicized words in the lesson and subsequent web pages that follow.
To search for a specific term, enter the term into the text box located at the top of each page.

Course bookstore

It has been my experience that the students that do the best have made a small investment to obtain Database Design for Mere Mortals: A Hands-On Guide to Relational Database Design, by Michael J. Hernandez.
Database Design for Mere Mortals: A Hands-On Guide to Relational Database Design (2nd Edition)
Other books with respect to relational databases can be obtained from the RelationalDB Store.

Exercise Submissions

After completing some exercises, you will be required to type or paste your answer into a text submission box.
Copying and pasting is generally easy to accomplish.
The next lesson will discuss the Relational DB Design Learning environment.