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Lesson 1

Introduction to Oracle Network Configuration

Welcome to Oracle8: Network Configuration Management, the second in a two-course series designed to introduce you to the networking tools and concepts associated with Oracle8™, the latest release of the industry-leading database software by Oracle®.
Oracle Network Topology is the first course in this series, and focuses on focused on the general concepts associated with
  1. Oracle networking,
  2. Net8 and SQL*Net architecture, and
  3. client- and server-side configuration.

This course, Oracle8: Network Configuration Management, delves into the technical details of configuring and using many of Net8’s components, including
  1. Oracle Names,
  2. the Oracle Enterprise Manager,
  3. the Multi-Threaded Server, and
  4. the Connection Manager.
In addition, this course covers security and troubleshooting in the network environment.
Taken together, these courses are designed to prepare you for the Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) exam series.

Course goals
After completing this course, you will be able to:
  1. Describe the architecture of Oracle Names
  2. Use Net8 Assistant to configure centralized naming
  3. Store the overall network topology
  4. Use the Names Control utility to start and stop the Names server
  5. Use the Listener Control utility to start and stop the Oracle Intelligent Agent
  6. Identify the components of the Multi-Threaded Server (MTS)
  7. Configure the Multi-Threaded Server
  8. Describe the features of the Connection Manager
  9. Configure the connection concentration
  10. Use logging and tracing to troubleshoot the Net8 environment
  11. Identify network security risks during data transmission
  12. Identify the features of the Advanced Networking Option
If you have already taken the first course in this series, then you may already be somewhat familiar with this material.
The next lesson outlines the prerequisites for this course.