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Objective Use the DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE package procedure.
You can display the value from your PL/SQL block with the DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE package procedure.
DBMS_OUTPUT is an Oracle-supplied package, and PUT_LINE is a procedure within that package.
To enable the DBMS_OUTPUT package in your SQL*PLUS screen, you must execute the SET SERVEROUTPUT ON command.
Within a PL/SQL block, you can reference DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE and, in parentheses, provide the information you want to print to the screen. The information you put in the parentheses must be a string value.
DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE (‘string value that needs to be
displayed on the screen’)
The declaration of a host variable and referencing it within your PL/SQL block has been discussed.
Take a look at the following link to understand exactly how to accept the price of a pet and display the price on the screen.
Values Sql Plus Screen
In the next lesson, the importance of naming conventions will be discussed.
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