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Lesson 1

PL-SQL Stored Objects

Oracle Certified Database Administrator Series

The three courses listed below
  1. Oracle SQL Extensions
  2. Programming PL/SQL
  3. PL/SQL Stored Objects
will help you get started on the Oracle Certified Database Administrator or the Certified Application Developer.
The three courses listed above will
  1. enable you to create advanced SQL queries,
  2. write beginning to intermediate PL/SQL blocks, and
  3. become familiar with Oracle's unique SQL extensions.
PL/SQL is an integral part of the Oracle database engine and this course will introduce you to PL/SQL and explain how you can build PL/SQL programming structures.
The term PL stands for Procedural Language and this language offers procedural techniques to build your SQL commands. You can use this language to construct
  1. packages,
  2. procedures,
  3. triggers,
  4. functions.

Course Objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to:
  1. Create stored PL/SQL objects
  2. Create your own customized functions that can be used in queries
  3. Add triggers to your tables to assure that rows inserted into the tables contain valid data
  4. Create a PL/SQL procedure, which encapsulates logic and can be executed simply by calling it by name
  5. Wrap a set of procedures and functions into a single container called a package
  6. Set up security to allow or not allow access to your database objects, including the procedures, functions, and packages that you create in this course
The next lesson explains prerequisites for this course.