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Lesson 2 Archivelog mode
Objective Turn on archivelog mode for your database.

Archivelog mode (Turn on)

Archivelog mode is a special mode of database operation that requires a copy to be made of each redo log file before it can be reused. If you want to recover all changes to your database in the event of a loss, you need to run your database in archivelog mode and you need to archive your log files.
To place a database into archivelog mode, follow these steps:
  1. Shut down the database.
  2. Back up the database.
  3. Mount the database (using the STARTUP MOUNT command).
  4. Issue the ALTER DATABASE ARCHIVE LOG command to enable archivelog mode.
  5. Open the database (using the ALTER DATABASE OPEN command).
The commands listed in the above steps should be issued from SQL * Plus. If you are using Oracle's Enterprise Manager software, you have the option of using Instance Manager for steps 3-5. The following simulation shows you how:
Answer File 1
1) Answer File 1
Answer File 2
2) Answer File 2
Answer File 3
3) Answer File 3
Answer File 4
4) Answer File 4
Answer File 5
5) Answer File 5
Answer File 6
6) Answer File 6
Answer File 7
7) Answer File 7
Answer File 8
8) Answer File 8
Answer File 9
9) Answer File 9
Answer File 10
10) Answer File 10
Answer File 11
11) Answer File 11
Answer File 12
12) Answer File 12
Answer File 13
13) Answer File 13
Answer File 14
14) Answer File 14
Answer File 15
15) Answer File 15
Answer File 16
16) Answer File 16
Answer File 17
17) Answer File 17
Answer File 18
18) Answer File 18
Answer File 19
19) Answer File 19
Answer File 20
20) Answer File 20
  1. After you've shut down and backed up your database, it's time to put it into archivelog mode. To use Instance Manager, start by logging on as SYSDBA. Enter SYSTEM for the username, MANAGER for the password, and COIN for the service. Then click the Connect as drop-down list box.
  2. ClickConnect_asButton
  3. Username
  5. Enter SYSTEM in the Username box.
  6. Password
  8. Enter MANAGER in the Password box.
  9. Service,
  10. COIN
  11. Enter COIN in the Service box and click the Connect as drop down box.
  1. The drop-down list will give you the choice between a normal connection and connecting as either SYSDBA or SYSOPER. Click SYSDBA to select it.
  2. ClickSYSDBA
  3. Now that all your connection information has been entered, go ahead and click OK to connect.
  4. ClickOK

enable Archivelog Mode
It is important to understand that placing a database into archivelog mode ensures that Oracle will not overwrite a redo log file until it has been copied to the archive log destination. Once you place a database into archivelog mode, you have to choose between either manually archiving your redo logs or having Oracle do that for you. You'll learn how to make that choice later in this module. In the next lesson, you will specify the directory to which Oracle archives log files.

Archivelog Mode - Exercise

Take this matching exercise to test your knowledge of the steps necessary to place a database into archivelog mode.
Archivelog Mode - Exercise