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Lesson 10

Managing Changing Database Parameters Conclusion

In this module, you learned how to manage database control files and a little about managing and changing database parameters. You should now know how to:
  1. Explain the importance of multiplexing control files
  2. Add new control files to a database
  3. Move an existing control file
  4. Remove a control file from a database
  5. Back up your control file
  6. View current database parameter settings
  7. Change parameter settings while the database is open

Remember that the control file is one of the most important files in your database. Be sure to maintain multiple copies, and on separate disks, to minimize the risk of loss.


In this module, you were introduced to the following terms:
  1. Database
  2. Instance
  3. Trace file
In the next module, you will learn about managing the redo log.