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Lesson 7Checking database parameter values
ObjectiveUse the SHOW PARAMETER command to display parameter values.

Checking Database Parameter Values

Database parameters are initially set in the database parameter file, but many of them can be changed while the database is running. To view the current value of any parameter, you can issue the SHOW PARAMETER command. SHOW PARAMETER is a Server Manager command, and takes the following form:

SHOW PARAMETER [parameter_name]
Use SHOW PARAMETER by itself to get a list of all the current parameter settings. Supply a parameter name as an argument, and you will see the value for only that one parameter. Pass a partial parameter name as an argument, and you'll see values for all parameters with names containing the string that you pass. The following mouseover shows two examples of this command being used:
Show parameter values
  • This command is asking to see the value of a specific parameter.
  • Server Manager responds by displaying the value of the specified parameter.
  • This tells you that the parameter contains a character string value.
  • This is the value of the parameter.
  • This command specifies a partial parameter name. Server Manager will display values for all parameters with names containing the specified string.
  • This name contains the string
  • This name also contains the string
  • Both parameters contain character string values.
  • These are the values for the two parameters.

    1. show-parameter-user_dump_dest

      Parameter Passed

      The parameter passed to the first command is user_dump_dest, so the value of that parameter is displayed. The parameter passed to the second command is dump_dest. There are two parameters with the string "dump_dest" in their name, so the values of both are displayed. In the next lesson, you will learn more about database parameters by examining the v$parameter view.