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Download PetStore SQL Files

Download the Course Project files and the (optional) SQL script

If you completed this exercise correctly, you will be able to locate the downloaded file/files on your computer.
  1. Open My Computer or Windows Explorer.
  2. Open the "Downloads" folder or the folder in which you saved the file.
  3. Check for the following files:
    1. petstore.sql

If you completed the optional installation of the Course Project into your own database, you will be able to log into SQL*Plus as the user named PETSTORE on your computer.
  1. Get to a command prompt. If you are running on Windows, select Start, type in the words "Run" followed by "CMD".
    On Unix, start a terminal window if needed.
  2. Type this command at the operating system prompt:
    Sqlplus PETSTORE/GREATPETS@server
    If you are using a database on your local computer, you can leave out the "@server" portion. Otherwise, fill in the name of the database server on your network. This should start up SQL*Plus.
    If you get an error message, something did not install properly.
  3. To exit SQL*Plus, type EXIT and press ENTER.
  4. To exit the operating system prompt (you may not need to if you are in Unix), type EXIT and press ENTER.