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Lesson 1

Overview of new features for Database Administrator

This course looks at new features that deal mostly with installing, configuring, and managing storage and users in your Oracle database. Oracle has put a lot of good work into improving the tools you have to work with when creating and managing an Oracle database. You will find new variations on SQL commands that give you better control over the database. You will see better integration between related tools, making it easier to understand how they fit together. There is much more consistency in the "look and feel" of all the GUI-based tools as Oracle strives to place all its tools into Java-based, Web-capable formats. Compared to Oracle8, Oracle has better integration with emerging Web standards for security, directory control and structure, and presentation of multimedia formats. It is easier than ever to deliver large database objects, such as video, audio, and graphic files, to the Web from within the database.
This module serves as an overview of all the features of Oracle that will be covered during this course. It is a good place to start if you want a quick review of new Oracle features.

Module objectives
By the end of this module, you will be able to:
  1. Identify new features for installation, configuration, and migration
  2. Describe new features for tablespace and resource management
  3. Describe new features for parallel databases
  4. Describe new features and enhancements for security management
  5. Identify new Internet-related features
There are tables, ToolTips, and Slideshows throughout the module to illustrate all these new features.
The next lesson starts where a DBA, or database administrator, begins: installation and configuration.