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Lesson 3 A simple SQL statement
Objective Examine a simple SQL statement.
An example of a very simple statement would be:
SELECT * FROM authors 
As you will soon see in other course modules, this statement simply says, "Retrieve all information from the authors table."
You have probably heard the term client/server in working with your computer and learning the industry buzz about different technologies. SQL lends itself well to client/server and REST technologies because it separates the request for information (your query) and the preparation of the information given in response.
The power of SQL removes the mundane task of working on the database and allows you to focus on the results you need and what to do with them once you have them.
With this kind of utility, a number of people and vendors decided it was time to standardize. This is where SQL-92 enters the picture and SQL-92 will be discussed in the next lesson.