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Lesson 5 How do SQL dialects differ?
Objective Understand the Variations in SQL Dialects
Versions of SQL differ somewhat from platform to platform to support specific features offered by a given database engine.
For example, in one database environment, you might reference a column value by adding a colon before the name of the column. In another, you might not need the colon.
In addition, different database capabilities can help you determine the best approach to submitting your query.
Although you will not learn about many of the advanced features in this course, it is important to understand that you will need to do some basic research as you start working with your selected database engine.
You will need to determine SQL Capitalization

SQL typically does not care about the capitalization in your queries. Capitalization has been provided throughout this course to help make the content more readable. If you find that you have spelled everything in your query correctly but it still returns no results or an error message indicating it cannot find what you are looking for, check with your database administrator and see if the database is set up to be case-sensitive.
SQL Approaches - Quiz
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SQL Approaches - Quiz
In the next lesson, the database will be implemented.