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Add logfile member in Oracle

Adding members
Adding members

ALTER DATABASE The command to use.
ADD LOGFILE MEMBER The clause of the ALTER DATABASE command that allows you to add a member to a log file group.
new filname A complete path and filename reference identifying the name of the new member log file for the group.
REUSE An optional parameter that allows you to reuse an existing file, provided that it is the correct size. Its size must match that of the existing group members.
TO GROUP group_number; Identifies the log file group to which you are adding a member. Identifying the group by number is usually the easiest approach to take.
TO 'existing_filename'; You may optionally identify a log file group by naming its member files. If there is only one member filename, this is how you specify it.
TO ('existing_filename', 'existing_filename'...); If you are adding to a group with multiple files already and you want to identify the group by listing all those files, this is how you do it.