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Lesson 1

Introduction to Oracle Indexes to manage Database Objects

There is more to a database than simply storing data. Databases are useful because people can retrieve the data that is stored. The faster they can retrieve the data, the more useful the database becomes.
Indexes are structures that improve the performance of data retrieval. Indexes also serve other purposes, such as guaranteeing that data entered is unique, but their primary purpose is to retrieve meaningful data from the database more quickly. This module covers the use and management of indexes.
The use of indexes can significantly improve the performance of your database. Understanding the hows and whys of indexes will improve your abilities as a database administrator.
In this module, you will learn:

  1. Why indexes are used
  2. The basic types of indexes
  3. How to create an index
  4. Storage considerations for indexes
  5. How to alter an index
  6. How and why to rebuild an index
  7. How to find out about indexes from the data dictionary
  8. How to drop an index