Oracle Database Backup Recovery - Glossary

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Buffer cache
A buffer cache is a memory area within the Oracle database, where records are processed.
Character set
A character set defines the language character set in which the data within a database is stored.
The process of writing all transactions into the redo log files.
Control file
The control file is created and maintained by Oracle. It contains information about the physical locations of all files associated with the database as well as its logical information such as, the different tablespaces within a database as well as the character set information.
When a certain feature or functionality is no longer advisable for use or will no longer be supported on the Oracle database server, that feature is called deprecated.
Dirty buffer
When a user changes the records within a transaction, that transaction within the buffer becomes dirty or changed.
File affinity
The export file created has the role and responsibility of the user within it and when the file is imported by another user, this user must have the same set of roles and responsibility to complete an import.

A handle is a connection to the database server, which completes a transaction for the user.
The system tables and views of Oracle are metadata of the database.
Optimization is a process of choosing the most efficient way to execute a SQL statement. A part of Oracle called the optimizer calculates the most efficient way to execute a SQL statement. The optimizer evaluates several factors to select among alternative access paths.
Parallel rollback
Rolling back of data within multiple parallel processes.
Roll forward phase
In this process, which happens during recovery, all transactions within the redo log files are applied to the database.
This is a process, where the Oracle server replaces the old values for a record when a transaction is not committed.
Serial rollback
Rolling back of data within a single serial process.

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