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Lesson 1

Enterprise Challenges and Business Rules Course

Welcome to MS SQL Server: Enterprise Issues and Business Rules, the third course in the SQL Server 2016 Database Implementation Certification Series. This series is designed to:
  1. Provide the technical skills required to implement a database solution on Microsoft’s SQL Server 2016
  2. Help you prepare for the Microsoft’s 70-029 Exam, Designing and Implementing Databases with Microsoft SQL Server 2016

Course goals

After completing the course, you will be able to:
  1. Access data by using the stored procedure model
  2. Create Transact-SQL scripts that incorporate control of flow methods, local and global variables, functions, and error handling techniques
  3. Create and execute stored procedures to enforce business rules, modify data in multiple tables, perform calculations, and use input and output parameters
  4. Create triggers that implement rules, enforce data integrity, and perform cascading updates and cascading deletes
  5. Configure session-level settings
  6. Assess data from static or dynamic sources by using remote stored procedures, linked servers, and OPENROWSET
  7. Populate the database with data from an external data source using a bulk copy program and Data Transformation Services (DTS)
  8. Evaluate and optimize the performance of an execution plan by using DBCC SHOWCONTIG, SHOWPLAN_TEXT, SHOWPLAN_ALL, and UPDATE STATISTICS
  9. Diagnose and resolve locking problems
  10. Identify SQL Server events and performance problems by using SQL Server Profiler

As you probably know, you can interact with SQL Server in two ways:
  1. by issuing Transact-SQL commands and
  2. by interacting with its GUI, or
graphical user interface.
This course uses SlideShow and MouseOvers to explain the code syntax used in Transact-SQL commands, and simulations for practicing different elements of the SQL Server GUI.

The series

MS SQL Server 2016: Enterprise Issues and Business Rules is the third of three courses in the SQL Server 2018 Database Implementation Certification Series.
In the next lesson, prerequisites for this course will be discussed.