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Characteristics of SQL Views - Quiz

Each question is worth one point. Select the best answer or answers for each question.
1. Which of the following can be characteristic(s) of a view?
  A. A view can include WHERE statements
  B. A view can be permanently saved in the database with the table
  C. A view can include joins between more than one table
  D. All of the above

2. Which of the following is/are not good uses for a view?
  A. You need to combine two tables logically and be able to update the information repeatedly based on criteria in a SELECT statement
  B. You need to select different columns from a table every time you run a given query
  C. You need to select from different tables with a similar query
  D. All of the above are good uses for a view

3. Which of the following is a specific benefit of a view?
  A. Speed, because the query results are returned more quickly
  B. Convenience, by having a predefined SELECT statement
  C. Access, because making a view grants the user permission to use the tables
  D. Security, because views can be used to prevent people from updating the database accidentally

4. Given the following tables:
StoreName StoreLocation

InvoiceID InvoiceAmount

Can the following view be updated?

SELECT * FROM Stores, Invoices
  A. Yes, because the tables are in the same database
  B. Yes, because the CREATE VIEW statement references both tables
  C. No, because there is no unique key defined for the tables
  D. No, because you cannot use a * symbol in this statement

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