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Course Project - Exercise

Objective: Generate a report that outlines the best sales associates.
Here are the tables you have to work with for the course project. Keep in mind that some or all of these tables will be included in the solution, and that some or all of the techniques used throughout this course will be employed.


CustomerID CompanyName CompanyAddress CompanyCity CompanyState


OrderID CustomerID AssociateID OrderDate


AssociateID AssociateLastName AssociateFirstName


OrderID ItemID ItemQty ItemPrice ItemCost


ItemID ItemDescription ItemQty ItemCost ItemPrice ItemVendor

What is the statement that you would use to retrieve a listing of sales by sales associate?
You only want those sales associates that have sold the product with the highest sales, based on overall quantity.
Also, what would the statement be that would create a view from that statement so you can refer to it later more easily?