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Lesson 4 The The course project
ObjectiveUnderstand the design for the course project

DBA Course Project

Understand the design for the course project.

The project for this course is a continuation of the one that you have been working on in the previous three courses in the Oracle series. You are a consultant working for Half-Eagle Rarities, an auction house specializing in rare coins from around the world. Half-Eagle Rarities has set up a database to use in running Internet-based coin auctions, and your job is to monitor and manage that database. The logical design of this coin database looks like this:

If you have completed the third course in this series, you should already have a database complete with the tables shown in this design. If you do not have that, you can create the necessary database by following these steps:
  1. Go to the Course Resources page.
  2. Download either create_coin_80.zip or create_coin_81.zip, depending on whether you are using Oracle8 or Oracle8i.
  3. Unzip the file that you downloaded, and follow the instructions in the readme.txt file to create a new database.
  4. Go back to the course Resources page and download the two files named coin_schema.sql and gen_coin_data.sql.
  5. Create a new user in your database named coin, and grant the CONNECT and RESOURCE roles to thatuser.
  6. Using SQL*Plus, connect as the user named coin.
  7. Execute the script named coin_schema.sql.
  8. Execute the script named gen_coin_data.sql.

If you already have a database but don't have the coin user or the tables, you can skip the first four steps to create the database, and simply execute steps 5-8 to create the coin user and the tables.


In this module, you were introduced to the following glossary terms:
  2. SQL
  3. Usenet

Now that you have been introduced to the course objectives and structure, the next module will illustrate proactive methods for monitoring your database.