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Backing up control file - Exercise

Oracle Control file backup

Backing up a control file

Objective: Back up your control file to trace.

Exercise scoring

This is an auto-scored exercise. You will receive 10 points for completing it.


You know that it is important to maintain current backups of your database control files. You also know that those backups should reflect the most recent structural changes to your database. You have just finished adding data files to a tablespace to make room for a fast-growing table. You now want to back up the control file to cover yourself in case a massive drive failure causes you to lose all the online control files.


Connect to your database as the SYSTEM user, or as any other user having the ALTER DATABASE system privilege, and back up your control file to trace.


The command to use is:

Do not forget that like any other SQL statement, you must end this command with a semicolon.

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