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Naming Archive Log Files - Exercise

Archivelog mode

Objective: Turn on archivelog mode for the COIN database.

Exercise scoring

This is an auto-scored exercise worth 20 points.


You have recently constructed a new database named COIN, and have created the necessary tables and indexes for your client's application. Your client requires absolute protection from data loss in the event that a drive goes down or a file is otherwise lost. To provide that protection, you must run the database in archivelog mode.


Place the COIN database into archivelog mode. While you are doing this, also take the time to set the archive log destination and to specify the format to use for naming archived log files.


Follow the steps presented in Lesson 2 for placing a database into archivelog mode, and also remember to set the parameters discussed in the most recent two lessons that control the archive log destination and filename format.

Submitting your exercise

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