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Creating Role with Oracle Security Manager

  1. Once you select Security Manager from the Oracle Enterprise Manager menu, log in as user SYS with the password SYS and then click OK.
  2. The familiar Security Manager interface includes a selection for Roles in the left-hand list box. Click the plus sign to the left of the Roles entry to see the existing roles for the database.
  3. The existing roles for the database are listed in the left-hand list box. Right-click the Roles entry to begin the process of creating a new role.
  4. Click the Create menu choice.
  5. The Create Role dialog allows you to create a role and assign privileges to the role. For now, just give the role the name of TEST_ROLE and click the Create button.
  6. Security Manager lets you know the role was successfully created. Click the OK button to return to Security Manager.
  7. When you return to Security Manager, you can see that a role called TEST_ROLE was added to the list of existing roles. This is the end of the simulation.

Security Manager

Security Manager allowed you to manage users and their privileges and roles.
In previous versions of Oracle (namely 8i, 9i and 10g) most security operations were made through a tool called Oracle Security Manager.
However, in Oracle Database 11g, Oracle Enterprise Manager contains all the tools to perform these tasks. Here is a screenshot of the Server tab of the Database Homepage. Note the section titled Security at the lower right hand side.

Oracle Enterprise Security Manager, provides centralized privilege management to make administration easier and increase your level of security. This lets you store and retrieve roles from Oracle Internet Directory