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Lesson 4Network considerations with Oracle performance
ObjectiveExplain architecture-related performance factors.

Oracle Performance Network Considerations (architecture-related)

In today's environment, it is rare to see monolithic database systems that perform all of the processing for an application. Rather, we tend to see distributed environments that may consist of two-tiered or three-tiered client-server architectures. In a three-tiered client-server architecture, we have three layers: the database server, the application servers, and the clients. The Slide Show below illustrates this.

Three Tier 1
1) Three Tier 1
Three Tier 2
2) Three Tier 2
Three Tier 3
3) Three Tier 3
Three Tier 4
4) Three Tier 4

We will discuss this in detail in a later module.
In a distributed Oracle environment, we have a network administrator who ensures that network traffic remains optimized. The NA is responsible for all aspects of network configuration and network traffic. The next lesson looks at disk I/O.