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Lesson 1

Performace Tuning Basics Course Introduction

This module discusses basic performance tuning tools and concepts associated with Oracle12c and cloud Architecture. This is the first course in a five-part series that is designed to give you the skills to maximize the performance of your Oracle database. Along the way, you'll have the opportunity via hands-on exercises to look into the Oracle engine, and run scripts to diagnose and de-bug Oracle8 performance problems. This series of courses will also prepare you to pass Exam 4 in the Database Administrator Track of the Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) exam series.

Five-part SQL Tuning Series Series

The five courses in the series allow you to delve in detail into the various concepts that comprise Oracle performance tuning.
  1. Performance Tuning Basics
  2. Tuning the Oracle Instance
  3. Tuning Oracle SQL
  4. Tuning the External Oracle Environment
  5. Advanced Oracle Tuning Concepts

Course Goals

After completing this first course, you will have the skills necessary to:
  1. Apply sound database design principles to ensure high performance
  2. Identify appropriate metrics and tuning goals for measuring and monitoring performance
  3. Identify the critical performance tuning steps
  4. Interpret Oracle alert files
  5. Use Oracle trace files
  6. Use Oracle utilities for performance tuning
  7. Use the V$ utilities for tuning
  8. Employ tuning techniques for different types of applications

First-time students

So you can get the most out of this course, we strongly recommend that first-time students take the Course Orientation.
The next lesson outlines the prerequisites for this course.