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Lesson 1

Introduction to Performance Tuning Oracle and Indexes, Queries, Query Optimizer

This course introduces you to features introduced in Oracle which are designed to help you get better database performance.
This course covers improvements in Oracle for indexes, queries, and the query optimizer; the use of index-organized tables; and a special feature called Advanced Queuing.In addition, Oracle includes a feature called materialized views that can significantly improve the performance of some queries, such as data warehouse summary queries.
This is the third course in the five-part Oracle Certification Series. Taken in conjunction with the other courses within this series, this course will prepare you to pass the Oracle for Administrators certification exam. Along the way, you will work on a series of course projects and exercises that will give you a chance to put your new skills to use in the context of actual business scenarios.

Course goals

After completing the course, you will be able to:
  1. Understand and use enhancements to the cost-based optimizer
  2. Use stored outlines for queries
  3. Use the procedures in the DBMS_STATS package for optimizing query performance
  4. Use materialized views
  5. Use 1) reverse indexing, 2) descending indexes, 3) domain, and 4) function-based indexes
  6. Use the new index maintenance features in Oracle
  7. Understand the enhancements for index-organized tables, such as secondary indexes and rebuilding index-organized tables while leaving the tables available online
  8. Use Advanced Queueing in an application
  9. Understand the new features for Large Objects (LOBs), such as temporary LOBs and client-side buffering of LOBs

Learning Methodologies

In this course, you will learn and practice your skills with two kinds of widgets:
  1. the SlideShow and
  2. the MouseOver.

The series

Performance Tuning Features is the third of five courses in the Oracle Certification Series .
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In the next lesson, you will learn about the prerequisites for this course.