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File Striping across disks - Exercise

Stripe Data File

Objective: Stripe a data file evenly across five disks

Exercise scoring

This exercise is worth a total of 10 points. To receive full credit, you must correctly write the CTAS syntax required by the scenario below. Once you complete your answer, submit your answer.


You must take a very large order table and move it into a new tablespace, making sure that it is evenly striped across 5 physical disks. A new tablespace must be created and the CTAS syntax written to copy the order table into its new home.


You must give the create tablespace syntax and formulate a CTAS command that will copy the order table into its new home while splitting the customer table into 100 megabyte chunks.


Here is a template for your SQL:
Create table new_order
Tablespace new_order_tablespace
Select * from order
Storage (????);

Submitting your exercise

Once you enter your response into the text box, click the Submit Button to submit the exercise.