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Choosing a Web Listener

You can choose any one of the three Web listeners
  1. Oracle REST Data Services,
  2. Oracle HTTP Server, and
  3. Embedded PL/SQL gateway.
Oracle Application Express uses a simple architecture where pages are dynamically generated using metadata stored within the Oracle Database. There is no code generation or file based compilation. Once fully installed, a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is defined for both developers and end users to access Oracle Application Express. Users require only a Web browser and the required URL and no additional client software is required.
Oracle Application Express
Oracle Application Express

The Web listener functions as a communications broker between the Web browser and the Oracle Application Express objects in the Oracle database by mapping browser requests into database stored procedure calls. You have a choice of three Web listeners.
  1. Oracle REST Data Services (formerly Oracle Application Express Listener).
  2. Oracle HTTP Server.
  3. Embedded PL/SQL gateway.

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