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Lesson 3Managing Database Objects Requirements
ObjectiveDescribe what you need to take this course.

Managing Database Objects Requirements for Oracle DBAs

Software Requirements for Course

For the fullest learning experience, which includes all of the exercises, we recommend you have the Oracle12c database server software. If you do not already have this software, or have access to a running installation, you can download a version of Oracle from Oracle's online store.
The cost for this is minimal. Oracle supplies the trial version for several different platforms. We have designed this course to provide value for students who do not have access to the software. You will find simulations in many of the lessons that enable people who do not have software to practice working with an Oracle12c database.

Internet Resources

There are a number of Internet-based resources that every DBA should know about. These include helpful Web sites and Usenet newsgroups.
You should also join the Oracle Technology Network . This on-line resource has all the current Oracle documentation as well as free downloads of trial versions of many Oracle products.


If at all possible, try to have access to an Oracle11g, 12c or 13 documentation.
Download Oracle 12c database for Windows from the following link Oracle12c download for Windows. Any Oracle12c download for Windows will contain the complete documentation set in HTML form.
You can complete this course without the manuals, but you will not go very far as a database administrator without them. If you do not like reading the manuals online, you can download the corresponding Oracle PDFs from the internet.
In addition to the manuals, the course page lists recommended books for Oracle database administrators.

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