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Lesson 1

Advanced Queuing in Oracle

Although we normally think about Oracle as a database, Oracle can also be seen as the focal point of an entire application system. Advanced Queuing is a feature of Oracle that lets you dramatically modify the way that the clients in your application interact with their associated server.

Module Objectives

In this module, you will learn about Advanced Queuing, including how to:
  1. Define Advanced Queuing and the entities involved
  2. Describe important data dictionary views that contain information about Advanced Queuing
  3. Describe the prebuilt PL/SQL packages used to create an Advanced Queuing application
  4. Use PL/SQL to create an Advanced Queuing application
  5. Set up enqueuing to the Advanced Queue
  6. Set up dequeuing from the Advanced Queue
  7. Set up propagation functionality with PL/SQL
  8. Run the application you have created with Advanced Queuing

Over the course of several lessons, in addition to learning about Advanced Queuing, you will develop a series of PL/SQL packages that you can use to implement some of its functionality. Advanced Queuing is nothing less than a completely new way to think about communications between a client and a database server, and this module provides an in-depth introduction to this functionality.
In the next lesson, we will discuss Advanced Queuing in general.

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