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Creating Descending Index - Exercise

Course Project: Creating Descending index

Objective: Create a descending index.

Exercise Scoring:

This exercise is worth 10 points.

Background | Overview

In this exercise, you will create a descending index as part of your PETSTORE database. This index will be based on the date a sale took place on, so that it can be used in queries requesting the most recent sale first.

Fact File

Review the fact file to find out more information about the House-O-Pets and their its Oracle database.
House-O-Pets Database Click the link below to see the contents of the tables in the House-O-Pets database.

View Petstore Tables

Download files

You can download a correct version of the script for this exercise, descind.sql, from the Resources page.


You have discovered that there is a frequent need in the House-O-Pets Sales Department for reports that display the most recent sales first. A descending index on the SALE_DATE column would provide this information in presorted order.


Write a script to create a descending index on the SALE_DATE column in the SALE_HEADER table. You should give the index a name of IDX_SALE_DATE_DESC.


The keyword for defining a descending index comes at the end of the CREATE TABLE statement.

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