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Creating Secondary Index on Index Organized Table - Exercise

Course project: Creating a secondary index on an index-organized table

Objective: Navigate to installed products and answer questions about them.

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In this exercise, you will add a secondary index to the index-organized table you created in the last exercise. The secondary index will based on the product ID.

Fact File

Review the fact file to find out more information about the House-O-Pets and its Oracle database.
Click the link below to see the contents of the tables in the House-O-Pets database.
House O-Pets database

Download files

You can download a correct version of the script for this exercise, seciot.sql, from the Resources page.


You have discovered that some of the queries against the IOT_SALES table ask for the information returned to be sorted by product ID. You want to see if the performance of queries on the index-organized table you just created can be improved by adding a secondary index based on the product ID.


Create a secondary index on the index-organized table you created in the last exercise. This index will be based on the PRODUCT_ID column in the IOT_SALES table.


  1. The syntax for creating a secondary index is the same as a standard index.
  2. This index will not be unique.

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