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Lesson 5 Web Request Broker Cartridges
ObjectiveDescribe the function of Web Request Broker Cartridges

Web Request Broker and Cartridges

The Slide Show below describes the role and function of the last two Web Architecture components:
  1. the Web Request Broker (WRB) and
  2. the Web cartridges.

The Web Request Broker (WRB) handles Web requests for Oracle data.
  1. The buyer (consumer) buys the digital equivalent of money from
  2. A digitized check is encrypted (we will discuss security in a later
  3. A consumer enters credit card information on a Web order form

Web Request Broker
Note: Oracle has published the specifications for their plug-ins so that numerous third-party vendors can create new cartridges to access Oracle WebServer. In addition, the Web Request Broker API is published, so third-party vendors can write additional cartridges for the Oracle Web Request Broker. The next lesson looks at some tuning tips for Oracle Web applications.