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Modifying Triggers in SQL-Server - Exercise

Objective:Practice modifying a trigger.

Exercise Scoring

This exercise is worth a total of 10 points. You will receive 10 points for accurately modifying the Transact-SQL statement that modifies a trigger, as described in the instructions.


Consider the trigger that you constructed in the previous exercise. To remind you, the instructions were to construct a trigger named trgDelete that is affected only by DELETE Transact-SQL statements in the Sales table. This trigger should simply raise an error that indicates that data cannot be deleted from this table. In this exercise, alter that trigger so that it applies to updates as well as deletes. Also, change the message to something more appropriate for both updating and deleting.

Submitting the Exercise

Type or paste your Transact-SQL statement into the text box below, then click Submit to submit it and view a results page.