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Using Output Parameters - Exercise

Using output parameters and creating stored procedures with output parameters
Objective:Practice creating a stored procedure with an output parameter.

Exercise Scoring

This exercise is worth a total of 25 points. You will receive 25 points for accurately creating the Transact-SQL statement that creates a stored procedure with an output parameter, as described in the instructions.


Build on the last exercise and construct a stored procedure, also named usp_GetLastName, that accepts two input parameters, the original one named EmployeeID and a new one named EmployeeStatus (with a data type of int). Make sure that the stored procedure retrieves the last name of the employee using the SELECT Transact-SQL statement. Also make the EmployeeStatus parameter an output parameter.

Submitting the Exercise

Type or paste your Transact-SQL statement into the text box below, then click Submit to submit the course and view a Results page.