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Lesson 3 Hierarchical retrieval using CONNECT BY
Objective Write a query using the CONNECT BY feature.

Hierarchical retrieval using CONNECT BY

When one record is related to another record in the same table, you have a recursive relationship. This kind of relationship is often called hierarchical[1].
A simple example of a hierarchical relationship is a family tree. In fact, because this is such an intuitive way of understanding a hierarchy, the relationship is often described as a parent/child relationship. A parent/child list is produced that lists all the "children" items under their "parent" item.

Hierarchical relationship

In our sample pet store schema, you can see an example of a hierarchical relationship in the PRODUCT table. Some of the products are actually collections of other products. For example, the product called the Kitty Package is made up of a cat, a box of cat food, a bag of catnip, and a cat collar. Look at the Slide Show below to see how the hierarchical relationship between the Kitty Package product and its four products works.

  1. A new product record is added for cat. It has a PRODUCT_ID of 6.
  2. Three other products are added with unique PRODUCT_IDs.
  3. A new product (Kitty Package) is added with a PRODUCT_ID of 20. To connect the parent (Kitty Package) with the children
  4. The final result is shown here in the PRODUCT table: Five Products that can all be purchased individually.

Hierarchical Relationship

Hierarchical query

One of the challenges in working with hierarchical relationships is constructing a query that lists the parent with its children. This is particularly difficult if the relationship has more than one level. Fortunately, Oracle has come up with a special feature you can use to write a query that uses the hierarchy tree to pull data out of the table. Here is the general syntax:

SELECT column_name, column_name, ...
FROM table_name
CONNECT BY PRIOR parent_column_name = 
START WITH condition;

The condition can be any valid condition you find in a WHERE clause. For example, if you only want to see what is in the Puppy Package, this query will do it:

The special phrases, CONNECT BY, PRIOR, and START WITH are used especially for a hierarchical query.

Hierarchy level

Oracle also lets you see the hierarchy level by adding the LEVEL pseudocolumn to your query. The figure below shows the query and the results.

See hierarchy Level by adding the LEVEL pseudocolumn to your query

In the next lesson, you will compare the INTERSECT, MINUS, and UNION commands.

Hierarchical Retrieval - Exercise

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Hierarchical Retrieval - Exercise

[1]Hierarchical query: A form of query that retrieves data according to a hierarchy defined with a recursive relationship on a table.