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Lesson 8

Business Requirements and Tuning

In this module, we have covered a great deal of important conceptual information about Oracle tuning. You should now be able to:
  1. List the different roles associated in the tuning process
  2. List the tuning steps
  3. Develop a plan for long-term Oracle tuning
  4. Identify valid goals for a tuned database
  5. Set reasonable performance thresholds
  6. Monitor Oracle for exceptional conditions

New terms

Here are the terms from this module that may have been new to you:
  1. Reactive tuning
  2. Proactive tuning
  3. Performance thresholds
  4. Immediate remedy problems
  5. Non-immediate remedy problems

Now that you understand the conceptual foundations of Oracle tuning, let's move on to look at the Oracle alert files.

Tuning Strategies - Quiz

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Tuning Strategies - Quiz