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Lesson 2Who participates in Oracle tuning?
ObjectiveList the different roles associated in the tuning process.

Many individuals participate in tuning

When we discuss Oracle tuning, we must remember that there are many people who contribute to the tuning process; an Oracle database cannot be tuned in a vacuum. Just as the Oracle database closely interacts with its server computer and with the network in a client-server environment, the Oracle DBA must interact with professionals in other areas of information systems. While the DBA has the largest responsibility for Oracle tuning, there are many other people who contribute. These professionals include:
  1. Systems administrators: Responsible for configuring and tuning the processors, memory, and disk drives.
  2. Network administrators: Responsible for tuning communications between Oracle clients and Oracle servers.
  3. Application designers: Responsible for tuning application code that interfaces with Oracle.
  4. SQL programmers: Responsible for optimizing SQL statements.

Tuning and the network environment

Oracle tuning is heavily dependent upon the hardware and network environment. We cannot tune a database that is running on a computer with an overloaded CPU or a lack of memory. Hence, most savvy Oracle DBAs look first to the hardware and network environment before focusing their attention on the Oracle database. To understand this concept better, let's take a look at the steps involved in the tuning process.