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Lesson 9

Oracle Performance Tuning (Conclusion)

This module has served as a high-level overview of Oracle tuning. While we will address the details later, you should now be able to:
  1. Describe the layout of Oracle components
  2. Describe how database design effects performance
  3. Contrast third normal form with de-normalized design
  4. Describe the characteristics of a high-performing database
  5. Identify Oracle physical components that effect performance
  6. Identify five Oracle components that can be tuned
  7. Describe the metrics of Oracle performance

New terms

Here are the terms from this module that may be new to you.
  1. Logical database design
  2. Physical database design
  3. Performance metrics
  4. Logical database design tuning
  5. Physical table design tuning
  6. SQL tuning
  7. SGA tuning
  8. Environmental tuning

We will look at the business requirements of tuning.

Performance Tuning Overview - Quiz

Now let us wrap-up this module with a quiz.
Performance Tuning Overview - Quiz