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Lesson 1

Preparing for the OCP Exam

Oracle Database 19c Performance Management and Tuning Exam Number 1Z0-084

Question: Which topics are covered on the Oracle Database 19c Performance Management and Tuning Exam Number 1Z0-084
The Oracle Database 19c Performance Management and Tuning Exam (1Z0-084) is designed to evaluate your skills and knowledge in managing and optimizing the performance of Oracle Database 19c. This exam is a part of the Oracle Database Performance and Tuning 2022 Certified Implementation Specialist certification. Below are the key topics covered in the exam:
  1. Performance Tuning Fundamentals:
    1. Understand performance tuning concepts and best practices
    2. Identify performance problems and their causes
    3. Use Oracle Wait Interface and time model statistics
    4. Interpret Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) reports
  2. Database and Instance Tuning:
    1. Configure and manage Automatic Shared Memory Management (ASMM)
    2. Optimize instance recovery and the Redo Log Buffe
    3. Tune database checkpoints and the buffer cache
    4. Identify and tune poorly performing SQL statements
  3. SQL Tuning:
    1. Understand and utilize the SQL Tuning Advisor
    2. Manage SQL execution plans using SQL Plan Management (SPM)
    3. Use SQL Performance Analyzer (SPA) for SQL workload analysis and tuning
    4. Optimize SQL statements with hints and profiles
  4. Application and Data Access Tuning:
    1. Optimize database connections and sessions
    2. Utilize PL/SQL to optimize performance
    3. Tune data access using indexes, partitioning, and materialized views
    4. Implement parallel operations for improved performance
  5. Performance Diagnostics:
    1. Use Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM) for performance analysis
    2. Diagnose and resolve common performance issues such as latch contention, lock contention, and buffer busy waits
    3. Use Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control for performance monitoring and diagnostics
  6. Memory, I/O, and Resource Management:
    1. Configure and manage Automatic Memory Management (AMM)
    2. Optimize I/O performance and understand I/O fundamentals
    3. Implement and manage Database Resource Manager (DBRM) for resource allocation and prioritization
  7. Performance Tools and Techniques:
    1. Utilize Oracle-supplied tools, such as Oracle Enterprise Manager, SQL*Plus, and SQL Developer, for performance tuning
    2. Implement Oracle Real Application Testing (RAT) for performance testing and validation
    3. Use Statspack for performance monitoring and analysis

By mastering these topics, you will be well-prepared to pass the Oracle Database 19c Performance Management and Tuning Exam (1Z0-084) and become an Oracle Database Performance and Tuning 2022 Certified Implementation Specialist.

In keeping with its commitment to provide standards for technical competency, Oracle has given the exams associated with the Oracle Certified Professional Program a huge amount of internal Oracle support. The company provides in-depth technical specifications and sample exams to assist candidates in preparing for certification. And it provides extensive online test information and updates.

Learning Objectives

In this module, we'll take a close look at the certification exams, focusing especially on the performance tuning test within the Oracle8 Certified Database Administrator track. After completing this module, you'll be able to:
  1. Describe the types of certification offered by Oracle
  2. List the requisite knowledge you'll need to pass the exams
  3. Describe the different testing methods
  4. Implement strategies for getting the best score
  5. Find additional resources that can help you pass the test
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