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Lesson 4 Types of test questions
ObjectiveDescribe the testing methods.

Oracle Test Questions Types

Oracle certification tests are administered by Sylvan Prometric at local sites throughout the USA and overseas.

Structure of the test

Each computer-delivered certification test challenges candidates to demonstrate their knowledge and experience by answering 60-70 multiple-choice questions in the space of 1.5 hours. Most of the multiple-choice questions are straightforward and have been carefully screened to remove those that are superfluous or misleading. Some questions even provide "what-if?" scenarios, but these constitute a small portion of the exam and are often presented as multiple-correct multiple-choice questions.
By requiring a series of these tests for each job-related certification track, Oracle can verify that a candidate has both the knowledge and experience required for successfully administrating an Oracle database. The next lesson describes some strategies you can employ to help you pass the tests.

Types of Questions

There are several types of questions that might be used in Oracle certification exams or in other testing scenarios:
  1. Multiple choice: This is a question with several possible answers, and the test-taker must select the correct one.
  2. True/false: The test-taker must determine whether a statement is true or false.
  3. Fill-in-the-blank: The test-taker must supply a word or phrase to complete a statement.
  4. Drag-and-drop: The test-taker must rearrange a set of items to correctly complete a statement or task.
  5. Simulation: The test-taker must perform a task or solve a problem using a simulated environment, such as a virtual machine or a simulated database.
  6. Performance-based: The test-taker must perform a task or solve a problem using a real or simulated environment. This might involve writing SQL statements, configuring a database, or performing other tasks.
  7. Short answer: The test-taker must provide a written response to a question or prompt.
  8. Essay: The test-taker must write a longer, more in-depth response to a question or prompt.